postpartum care


The time for families postpartum is delicate in its becoming.  In the hours, months, and years following birth, it takes guidance and support to continuously remember gratitude and breath, to give oneself permission for radical wellbeing, and to remold ones' body, spirit, and family dynamics to hold and welcome the new life born therein. 


Postpartum Doulas help during the transition into parenthood and expanded familyhood.  This is a oft-neglected service that, though offered by sisters and aunties since time immemorial, has only just been remembered as essential by our modern birth culture. A postpartum doula offers you the luxury of wellness that is your own birthrite as a parent.


I offer my postpartum services as a series of package deals or as individual restorative sessions. I specialize in massage, herbalism, nutrition, and emotional navigation of the postpartum period. Please contact me for pricing details and an initial consultation.  My hourly services start at $35, and package deals start at $250.


I am continuously improving upon my own offerings through doula workshops, birth attendance and postpartum visits, and my own experience as a sister to many lovely parents in my life.  I have also training as a doula and midwife assistant with Gentle Landing Midwifery.









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